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Job share: two brains for the price of one

Job share is a full-time role undertaken by two or more employees. Each employee is paid and earns leave entitlements proportionate to the part of the role they complete. They can be at the same level or paired vertically.

The NSW Government supports job share because it has so many benefits. For employees, it unlocks access to quality part-time work and career opportunities, while their days off are genuine days off. For hiring managers, it creates a larger potential pool of talent, doubles your access to skills and knowledge, provides full coverage in a role and increases team productivity.

How job share can help your agency:

  • managing a transition to retirement
  • succession planning by pairing someone experienced with someone on the way up
  • attracting a younger workforce who may want a portfolio career to pursue entrepreneurial passions
  • providing quality, stimulating roles to people who need to work part-time for any reason, such as caring or community commitments, or managing ongoing health conditions
  • providing a solution for those hard-to-fill roles where you need the a multiskilled person, for example, the programmer who is also great at networking with clients.

Designed and managed properly, almost any role can be job shared. But how do you make it successful? In consultation with experienced job sharers, we have developed a guide for leaders on how to effectively drive job share in your organisation. Here is what’s in it.

  • Executive and Senior Leaders Guide – Factsheet 1 (Page 4), which explains the different job share models, their benefits and challenges.

  • Executive and Senior Leaders Guide – Factsheet 2 (Page 6) & Factsheet 3 (Page 7), which explain why job share makes sense, from a diversity, productivity and flexibility perspective, for the business, the team and the individual.

  • Executive and Senior Leaders Guide – Factsheet 6 (Page 11), which explains how agencies will need to adjust their workforce management approaches at each stage of the employee management life-cycle to attract and retain employees seeking to job share.

  • Executive and Senior Leaders Guide – Factsheet 7 (Page 13), which explains how by understanding and promoting the benefits of job share, you can assist your agency to boost productivity and meet D&I targets.

Job Share Guide for Leaders cover

For leaders

Learn how to encourage this innovative employment arrangement across your organisation, based on the benefits it brings.

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