flexible working conditions to work from home


Providing flexibility is another way we’re working to build an inclusive workforce in the NSW public sector.

Flexible working helps our people to be as productive as possible while providing them with more choices about how they balance their commitments outside of work.

This will  make it easier for employees from all walks of life – including males and females, people with disability, young and old, different cultural backgrounds, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – to make their unique contribution to the NSW public sector.

How we’re doing

The Government has committed to making 100% of NSW government sector jobs flexible by 2019, on the basis of ‘if not, why not’.

 This ‘if not, why not’ approach encompasses a commitment to enabling flexibility in all roles across the government sector in some form. Importantly NSW government sector agencies recognise that flexibility has different meanings for different people in different roles. Agencies are currently considering how to develop initiatives to implement the Government’s policy by 2019.

Some of the types of flexible work available to our people across the NSW government sector include:

  • Flex leave
  • Reduced hours
  • Working from home
  • Flexible start and finish times
  • Compressed work weeks
  • Flexible scheduling for rostered workers
  • Part-time work and job sharing
  • Working from different locations and tele-work
  • Breaks from work including paid parental and carer’s leave
  • Leave without pay such as a career break or study leave or in some cases, to allow pursuit of the person’s interests
  • Other forms of support for people with particular responsibilities.

As part of the Government’s commitment, we are working on the following initiatives to support mainstreaming flexible work across the NSW government sector

Job-sharing register

Job sharing is a flexible work strategy that allows two people’s ideas, energy and knowledge base to be shared in one full time position. We are creating a job share register to assist current employees looking for a compatible job share partner.  

Flexibility Training

Mainstreaming flexible work will require cultural changes in the workplace. We are implementing training for senior leaders so they can understand why flexibility is important.