Disability and accessibility initiatives

In creating an inclusive workplace, it’s important to ensure our work environment, culture, processes, and career opportunities enable people with disability to fully participate and realise their potential.

We have a number of initiatives in place in the NSW public sector to help achieve this.

Disabling the Barriers

The NSW Public Service Commission (PSC) has worked in collaboration with the NSW Department of Family and Community Services’ (FACS) Ageing, Disability and Home Care division to develop a research document entitled Disabling the Barriers. This report was developed to understand the employment situation of people with disability in the NSW public sector.

The research included:

  • Detailed analysis of available data from the NSW Public Sector Workforce Profile and the People Matter Employee Survey of NSW public sector employees
  • Study based on 178 interviews with employees and managers in six NSW public sector agencies, including 89 public sector employees with a range of disabilities (physical, sensory, psychological and intellectual), 61 managers and 28 human resources professionals.
  • Review of international experience about issues for consideration in the next stage of disability employment planning in the NSW public sector

The report identified four broad actions to improve employment outcomes for people with disability in the NSW public sector:

  • Developing workplace cultures that appropriately support employees with disability
  • Taking action to maintain and increase representation levels of people with disability across the sector to ensure a well-planned, sustainable workforce.
  • Developing more effective ways to measure employment outcomes for people with disability
  • Addressing key employment accessibility and career progression issues for employees with disability, including physical workplace accessibility (Information and Communications Technology [ICT] and buildings), flexibility in working arrangements, and role design.

Don't DIS my ABILITY campaign is presented by the Department of Family and Community Service and celebrates people with disability and encourages communities to think differently and act inclusively. For information about the campaign go to their Don't DIS my ABILITY website.

Disability Action Plan

The Disability Action Plan is a sector wide initiative that supports and increases employment opportunities for people with disability. The plan seeks to address both workplace culture and systems, research and consultation with people with disability to increase the number of employees and the ease of which they are employed and to retain these employees.