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Age diversity

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Age diversity

Making sure we have a talented mix of people across all life stages and ages is important to us and helps provide us with a diverse range of perspectives. Through this we’re able to draw on rich life experiences, skills and innovative ideas, as well as challenge the status quo.

How we’re doing

The NSW public sector workforce has a wide range of age groups represented in our workforce. Understanding the age profile of our workforce is an important element of effective workforce planning and leveraging the diversity this brings. Compared to the broader NSW workforce, the NSW public sector has an older workforce with more employees aged 35 years and over, and fewer employees younger than 34 years.

The range and breadth of employees brings with it an opportunity to gain many different cross-generational perspectives. That’s why we’ve implemented various initiatives to target our dual objectives of retaining our older and experienced employees whilst attracting younger workers to the sector.

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  • Our focus is about retaining talented employees for as long as possible and providing such options as flexibility and a culture of inclusiveness for all regardless of their life stages.

    With the ageing profile of the NSW public sector workforce, there’s a growing need for all agencies to develop strategies that will ensure we capture and effectively use the knowledge and experiences of older workers. Some information on strategies for knowledge capture and transfer are available here.

  • The Government has committed to making all roles flexible in the NSW government sector by 2019, on the basis of ‘if not, why not’.  To support agencies to deliver on the Government’s commitment, we have developed a strategic framework for flexible working in the NSW government sector – Make Flexibility Count.

    Flexible working helps us to retain our talented mature-age workforce for longer, allowing us the ability to continue to leverage their life experiences, skills and knowledge. The Willing to Work: National Inquiry identified flexible working as a key workforce strategy for retaining older workers.

  • Myths can hold us back from tapping into our rich pool of talent. The myths ignore individual differences and the rich diversity offered by our employees. We need to debunk these myths and stereotypes and treat everyone fairly regardless of age.