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Disability awareness

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Improve your employees' disability awareness

We know from our annual employee survey results that people with disability in our sector report much higher rates of bullying and lower engagement with their organisation than the broader workforce. We have developed training with the foundational information we all need to confidently and effectively work with colleagues who may have a disability and make our sector a more inclusive and accessible place to work for all.

Disability awareness training module

The modules’ show what to KNOW, SAY and DO to contribute effectively to an inclusive workplace. The first module is for all employees and the second module for managers, aims to de-mystify what inclusive practices look and sound like.

How to implement 

Use the Disability awareness training implementation guide to assist your agency to implement the Disability Awareness e-learning. The guide provides advice on when and how these modules could be implemented, and suggestions on ways to encourage their use within your agency and engage your workforce with the content.

For All Employees
For All Employees
- Training Module

This module will explain how you can become more inclusive in the workplace by understanding disability and by contributing to more inclusive environments.

Launch All Employee Training

For Managers
For Managers
- Training Module

As a manager you also have an important role to play in shaping the culture of your team. This includes ensuring you have a team where everyone feels included and welcome.

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Disability Awareness Training - Implementation Guide
Disability Awareness Training
- Implementation Guide

This guide has been prepared to assist your agency to implement the Disability Awareness e-learning modules developed by the NSW Public Service Commission.

Download the guide