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The GEN (Government Employee Number) is a unique identifier for all NSW government employees. The GEN, which is being introduced by the NSW Public Service Commission, is a key step in thinking about the NSW government sector as one. It is designed to help with career planning and job opportunities across the sector as well as enabling improved workforce management and analysis.

Your GEN will be a single key to log in to an increasing number of computer applications through the NSW Identity Hub, a whole of government identity and access management system. Your GEN will stay with you even if you transfer between agencies or leave and return to the government sector.

Why GEN?

Find out how the rollout of GEN will benefit you.
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NSW Identity Hub

The NSW Identity Hub will be used to manage GEN.
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Your privacy

How your privacy will be protected.
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Some of the most common questions we receive about GEN.
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Support material to help you get started with GEN and Identity Hub.
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Find out who to call if you need support with GEN or The Identity Hub.
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