NSW Identity Hub

The NSW Identity Hub is a secure Identity and Access Management System (IDMS) for NSW government agencies and is managed by the Department of Finance, Services & Innovation (DFSI). It is a modern, secure, reliable and ISO certified environment to assure privacy and information protection.

The Identity Hub provides access to computer applications using a single sign-on process with your GEN (Government Employee Number) as your key. This means that, once you log in, you will have access to all the applications that are integrated with the Identity Hub, which you have authority to use, such as JusticeLink, Taleo etc.

Benefits of the Identity Hub

  • Simplified access requests to applications via the Identity Hub with the click of a button, replacing lengthy approval and set-up processes.
  • Potential for cross-agency social media such as chat rooms and communities of interest.
  • Option for agencies to implement single sign-on technology for employees to access authorised applications such as Taleo and JusticeLink, by logging into their agency network once. This will eliminate the need for someone to enter multiple account names or passwords for application access.
  • Update and view GEN information easily

Accessing the Identity Hub

Information to help you navigate the Identity Hub 

People Search

People Search is a whole-of-government directory for every employee (across the NSW public sector) with a GEN and work email.

People Search will help you find, contact and connect with colleagues from across the sector.

By default, your name, role title, agency and work email is displayed. You can manage your own contact information as well as how much of it is visible by reviewing your profile here

Access an audio described version of this video

If you cannot access this video please email psc.communications@psc.nsw.gov.au.

People Search can be accessed at https://portal.identityhub.nsw.gov.au/people-search/

A guide on how to manage your People Search profile (PDF 1.5MB).