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    • Your name – first name, middle initial(s) if any, last name
    • Your ‘known as’ or preferred name if you have asked your agency to record such a name
    • Your gender
    • Your date of birth
    • Your work email address if you have one
    • Division (the agency or subdivision of an agency that employs you)
    • Your employee number or other unique ID in your agency’s HR system
    • Date you started your employment in your agency
    • Date of separation (if/when you leave this agency)
    • Employee status – whether you are currently employed or not
    • Employment category (type of employment such as ongoing, temporary, casual)
    • Job title of your current role or position
    • Role band – only for executives

    Note: no other information about you is collected by your agency in relation to the GEN.

  • The GEN is currently generated by the Identity Hub which collects only the personal information required to uniquely identify you – name, date of birth, gender and work email address– along with limited information about your employment. HR GEN Administrators in every NSW government agency’s HR department allocate and manage the GEN and GEN related information for their employees.

    Once your GEN is allocated, you’ll receive an email with your GEN. If you don’t have a work email address, you will need to contact your agency’s HR department to talk to a HR GEN Administrator who is able to provide you with your GEN and any GEN related information.

  • As part of your on-boarding to your new agency you will receive an automated email advising you of your GEN.

  • Your GEN is a unique identifier. If you have more than one GEN, please contact your agency HR department to talk to a HR GEN Administrator, alternatively contact the PSC GEN team at .

  • Your start date should reflect the date you commenced in the agency when the GEN was introduced (i.e. April 2015). Roles you may have held prior to getting your GEN have not been collected and will not appear. Your employment history recorded as part of your GEN does not impact on your length of service or entitlements. The record of your employment history is held by your agency’s HR department.

    If you believe your agency start date is incorrect, please contact your agency’s HR department.

  • PSC administrators of the GEN have access to the information for the purposes of managing the GEN

    Agency HR GEN administrators have access to the information for the purposes of ensuring its accuracy and the authenticity of the GEN as a unique employee identifier for NSW government employees, for instance to confirm whether a new employee already has a GEN

    All people authorised to have access to GEN and GEN related information that identifies any individual are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Additionally all access by these individuals, including searches for names, is audited and monitored by the PSC for activity that does not relate to the individual’s proper function.

  • Yes, you can contact your agency HR who can provide you with this information.

  • It is expected that employees will have a GEN. However, you may decide that you do not want your agency to provide your information for that purpose. If so, you will need to advise your agency HR.

  • The PSC, located at level 4, 255 George Street Sydney NSW 2000, collects the GEN related information and will retain all GEN information going forward.

    The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, located in the McKell Building, 2-24 Rawson Place, Haymarket NSW 2000, holds the information in the Identity Hub until such time as the Identity Hub is fully decommissioned, currently planned for 9 June 2019

  • No. The GEN does not replace your existing employee number.

  • No. Your GEN will stay with you even if you transfer between agencies or leave and return to the government sector.

  • You do not need a GEN to complete and/or submit a NSW government job application. However, if you do have a GEN and can recall it, it is recommended that you include it in your application to assist with your on-boarding process.

  • Yes. The Public Service Commission provided a presentation about the GEN to the Public Sector Union Consultative Forum meeting in June 2014 with a follow-up presentation covering privacy issues in November 2014. All Unions, including those unable to attend the Forum, were given time to provide their feedback about the GEN.