GEN Frequently Asked Questions

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What is GEN?

The GEN (Government Employee Number) is a unique identifier for all NSW Government employees.

Who receives a GEN?

All NSW government sector employees will receive a GEN, including temporary employees.

Why do I need a GEN?

As your GEN is a unique identifier, it is designed to help with career planning and job opportunities across the sector as well as enabling improved workforce management and analysis. Your GEN will be your key to log in to a number of cross-sector or agency-specific computer applications through the NSW Identity Hub.

What is the Identity Hub?

The Identity Hub is a secure Identity and Access Management System (IDMS) for NSW government agencies and is managed by the Department of Finance, Services & Innovation (DFSI). It is a modern, secure and reliable environment to assure privacy and information protection.

The Identity Hub contains audit logs which shows who is accessing what information, when and from where.

The Identity Hub provides access to computer applications using a single sign-on process. That means, once you log in using your GEN, you will have access to all the computer applications you are authorised to use. In other words, once you log in, you will have access to all computer applications that are integrated to the Identity Hub which you have authority to use such as GLS (Government Licensing System) and SmartPool.

What are the benefits of GEN & Identity Hub?

Over time, the benefits of GEN and the Identity Hub are planned to include:

  • ‘single sign-on’ access (no need to re-enter passwords) to a number of cross-sector computer applications through the NSW Identity Hub
  • option for agencies to adopt single sign-on to their own applications
  • request access to an application via the Identity Hub with the click of a button, replacing lengthy approval and set-up processes
  • self-service password reset and 24 hours, 7 days a week support for the Identity Hub
  • cross-agency email lists and ‘white pages’ directory
  • potential for work-related chat rooms and communities of interest
  • communication with employees within and across agencies, including sending targeted emails, surveys, newsletters and information to selected audiences across the NSW government sector
  • potential sector wide email address – – retained when you move between agencies
  • improved career opportunities by enabling employees to view available roles across the sector and managers to search for candidates in other agencies (through the implementation of Human Capital Management Systems)
  • ability for agencies to undertake longitudinal workforce analysis of employee mobility and career paths as well as improve evidence-based workforce management policy development.

When will I receive my GEN?

The GEN will be phased-in throughout 2015. You should receive an automated email from NSW Identity Hub which will contain your GEN along with your temporary password. This will enable you to log in to the Identity Hub, the system that generates and stores your GEN, and confirm that your details are correct. If you do not receive your GEN by the end of December 2015, please contact your agency’s HR department.

What characters make up my GEN?

All GENs contain eight characters. They start with a “G” then have two alpha and five numeric characters. With the exception of the “G” all characters are randomly assigned. GENs do not contain vowels or the letters “L” and “S”. Some examples of GENs include: GTH08118, GMP51081.

How will I be allocated my GEN?

The GEN is generated by the Identity Hub which collects only the personal information required to uniquely identify you – name, date of birth, gender and work email – along with limited information about your employment. The GENs and related information in the Identity Hub are managed by your agency’s HR representatives.

Once your GEN is allocated, it will automatically be sent to you by email, along with a temporary password. You will be able to login and view the information held with your GEN.

If you don’t have a work email, your agency’s HR department will be providing you with this information.

I have logged in but cannot access or request any applications

You will be notified by your agency when an application required for your role is adopted into the Identity Hub.

Why does my GEN data in the Identity Hub not contain my full public sector history?

Your start date within the Identity Hub should reflect the date you commenced with your current agency. Roles you may have held prior to getting your GEN have not been collected into the Identity Hub and will not appear here.

Your employment history recorded in the Identity Hub does not impact on your length of service or entitlements. The record of your employment history is held internally by your agency’s HR department.

If you believe your agency start date is incorrect please contact your agency HR representative.

What about my privacy?

Consideration of privacy legislation and information protection principles has been of paramount concern in the development and implementation of the GEN.

GEN and GEN related information will be securely kept in the Identity Hub in accordance with the NSW Government Digital Information Security Policy and recommended international standards for information security management. Authorised access will be password protected and auditable.

Because creating your GEN involves collecting some information about you, the Public Service Commission (PSC) has developed the Privacy Code of Practice & Management Arrangements for the GEN, in consultation with the NSW Privacy Commissioner. The Privacy Code of Practice was authorised by the Attorney General and published in the Gazette on 5 March 2015. The Privacy Code of Practice is designed to ensure the privacy and security of your information.

For more information on your privacy, including accessing a copy of the Privacy Code of Practice & Management Arrangements for the GEN, please see the Your Privacy page.

Will my GEN replace my existing employee number in my agency?

No. The GEN is a unique identifier that will be used in conjunction with your employee number in a payroll system. The PSC is not recommending that it replaces existing employee identity numbers.

Is the GEN going to have meaning like my old public service serial number?

No, the GEN will not contain meaning (such as gender, agency or start date).

Does my GEN change if I move jobs?

No. Your GEN will stay with you even if you transfer between agencies or leave and return to the government sector. For example if you move between agencies your GEN will move with you.

Have the Unions been consulted about the GEN?

Yes. The Public Service Commission provided a presentation on the GEN to the Public Sector Union Consultative Forum meeting in June 2014 with a follow-up presentation covering privacy issues in November 2014. All the Unions, including those unable to attend the Forum, were given time to provide their feedback about the GEN.

Where can I get more information?

If you require any more information please visit the PSC's GEN website or contact the PSC’s GEN team on