Monitor progress and the impact of the strategic workforce planning actions and revise as needed.

Questions to support monitoring, evaluating and reviewing the strategic workforce plan:

  • How will the organisation monitor the success of strategic workforce planning in delivering business objectives?
  • How should actions be monitored and reported?
  • How will progress towards outcomes be monitored?
  • How will progress be communicated to stakeholders (e.g. leadership, employees, etc.)?
  • Who will own the post implementation review process?
  • How will the implementation be continually evaluated and revisited to ensure strategic workforce planning reflects any significant internal or external changes?

Possible sources of evidence:

  • Implementation KPIs set by the organisation
  • Strategic workforce plan and implementation roadmap

Suggested actions:

  • Use an evidence based approach to develop, implement and monitor workforce plans by analysing operational, financial, workforce and external data
  • Define KPIs and success metrics
  • Report to the organisation head at least annually on the plan’s impact and any needed adjustments
  • Monitor the expected impact of the changes on business objectives, and take corrective action if needed
  • Assess the expected impact of the changes on organisational outcomes, and revise the organisation’s strategic planning as needed
  • Monitor the expected impact of changes on organisational objectives, and use feedback in future strategic workforce plan iterations