Action Guide

Sector Role Description Action Guide

Sector Role Description

Action Required

Role Title

Customise only if necessary for agency context


Agency to complete


Agency to complete


Agency to complete


Retain indicative classification and grade where applicable

Replace with other grade if determined necessary as a result of re-evaluation Refer to Question 7, Sector Role Description FAQS for other classifications

Senior Executive Work Level Standards.Work Contribution Stream:

Retain where applicable


Retain unchanged

Role Number

Agency to complete

Sector Role Description Library Code

Coming soon


Retain where applicable

Date of Approval

Agency to complete

Agency Website

Agency to complete

Department/Agency overview

Agency to complete


Where accountabilities, challenges and/or relationships are added, seek the advice of a trained job evaluator to determine if job evaluation is required: Refer to Question 11, Sector Role Description FAQS

Key accountabilities

  • Existing accountabilities to be retained unchanged
  • Agency may add accountabilities of similar scope and complexity, up to the recommended maximum of 8 accountabilities in total

Primary purpose of the role

Retain unchanged

Key challenges

  • Existing challenges to be retained unchanged
  • Agency may add challenges similar in complexity and scope (e.g. internal to agency, whole of sector), and consistent with Primary Purpose, up to the recommended maximum of 3 challenges in total
Key relationships (Who/Why)


  • Existing relationships to be retained unchanged
  • Agency may add to this section. The “who” and “why” should be similar in relationship level (e.g. Minister/Business Managers etc.) and purpose (e.g. networking, consultation, sharing information)

Role dimensions

Decision making

Reporting line

Direct reports


Agency to complete

Re-evaluate if the role dimensions are considered to be inconsistent with the indicative grade

Essential requirements

Agency to complete if critical for appointment to the role

Capabilities for the role

This Sector Role Description Action Guide should be used in conjunction with the:

Role Description Development Guideline

Capability Comparison Guide

Sector Role Description FAQS