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Senior Executive Band 1 talent pool

Information about how this pool was created and how to access it

Access the Senior Executive Band 1 talent pool

To request access to this talent pool, contact the PSC talent pools team who will put you in touch with your cluster steering group representative. Please include your name, work contact details and government agency in your request.

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Candidates in this talent pool have been assessed by government agencies to meet the capabilities required for senior executive band 1 roles. Using this talent pool allows you to access a diverse pool of pre-assessed candidates quickly, saving you significant time and costs in your recruitment process. 

The candidates in this pool come from a diverse range of occupational areas and bring a wealth of experience from inside and outside of government. Many are open to working in regional locations as well as the Sydney metropolitan area. This is a pilot project being trialled for 12 months, until the end of October 2023. 

Candidate assessments

All candidates in this pool are from existing government agency talent pools. To be placed in this sector-wide talent pool, all candidates went through a comparative assessment process for roles that were advertised externally. This means you can place candidates in both ongoing and term employment.

When you are browsing for candidates in our candidate management system, you can view the role descriptions for the roles candidates were assessed for.

Selecting candidates

The candidate management system allows you to view and filter detailed information about each candidate. You can filter by details like location and job preferences, to find the candidates most suitable for your role and agency needs. Each candidate in the Band 1 talent pool also has a profile which shows their recent roles and areas of interest. 

Once you’ve found candidates that you think are suitable for your role, you can request their interest via the candidate management system. You can then have a discussion with interested candidates and if you find a suitable candidate, you are able to appoint them following reference checks and your agency’s other pre-employment checks.