1. Who can apply for the Public Service Recruitment Pool roles?

The Recruitment Pool is open to both external applicants who would like to gain entry to roles within NSW Government and existing employees seeking roles available across various agencies. Internal candidates looking for promotional opportunities or those already in these roles and seeking opportunities at grade in other Public Service agencies are encouraged to apply.

2. Can I apply for other roles even if I am unsuccessful for the Recruitment Pool?

YES. If you are unsuccessful at any stage of the assessment and selection process for the NSW Public Service Recruitment Pool, you can still apply for any other role in the Public Service. Being unsuccessful in this Recruitment Pool will have no bearing on subsequent applications.

3. Can I apply for other roles whilst I am included in a Recruitment Pool?

YES. You may apply for any other role at any time. If you accept an ongoing role outside of the Recruitment Pool, or no longer wish to be considered for a role from the Recruitment Pool, we request you advise us of your withdrawal from the Recruitment Pool by emailing Recruitmentpools@psc.nsw.gov.au.

4. Can I be placed in more than one Recruitment Pool at any one time?

YES. You can be placed in multiple Recruitment Pools; however as each Recruitment Pool differs depending on the type of role and grade, each Recruitment Pool requires its own application.

5. Which locations will the roles be located in?

Roles will be located in the Sydney Metropolitan, Gosford and Wollongong. You can nominate your preferred locations when applying.

6. What happens if I require a reasonable adjustment during the assessment process?

Supporting the employment of people with disability is a key focus of the NSW Public Service. The online application form provides the opportunity to indicate if you identify as a person with disability and what arrangements would help you participate in the assessment process. If you identify a need for an adjustment to the assessment process due to disability or other reason you will be contacted by the recruitment team to discuss your needs.

If you identify as having a disability, this information will be used to ensure that the assessment and selection process is fair and inclusive.

If you require reasonable adjustment for a role you are offered, you can raise this requirement with the hiring manager when discussing the opportunity.

7. What information should I include my application?

The online application form has been designed to capture all of your relevant information, including resume data. No attachments are accepted in this application process.

The application includes:

  • A cover letter (max 500 words)
  • Answering the questions required in the online application form (one targeted question-max 300 words - and selecting responses that best apply to you)
  • Your experience such as:
    • Any professional work history
    • Other relevant work experience (paid and unpaid)
    • Education and training qualifications
    • Professional certifications

You may be required to provide evidence of qualifications and certifications at a later stage.

8. When will my referees be contacted?

You will be contacted by the agency/department offering the role prior to any contact being made with your referees. They will discuss the role with you to ensure you are interested, and are aware that your referees will subsequently be contacted. It is at this stage that you may discuss the details of your most up to date, relevant referees.


9. What is the actual salary for the role?

If you are offered a role, the hiring manager will be able to advise the relevant pay scale that applies to the role in their agency.

10. How will I be matched to an available role?

The information gathered from your online application (eg. your preferred geographical locations, employment type, functional/occupational experience etc) and subsequent assessments will be used to match your skills, experience and qualifications to the capabilities for roles that utilise the Recruitment Pools.

11. How will I be notified if I am being considered for a role?

An agency will contact you directly via your supplied email address or phone number to discuss the role and a possible final ‘agency fit’ interview and/or other assessment.

12. Can I accept more than 1 offer during the 12 months?

YES. If you accept a temporary role you will continue to be listed in the Recruitment Pool and can be considered for other roles for the remainder of the 12-month period. You may voluntarily withdraw from the pool at any time by emailing us at Recruitmentpools@psc.nsw.gov.au.

If you accept a temporary role, you will still be considered as part of the Recruitment Pool for the remainder of the 12-month period. This means you could be considered for and offered additional temporary or ongoing roles within this period for your consideration.

If you accept on ongoing role you will no longer be considered for roles through the Recruitment Pool. However, if you leave that ongoing role within the 12-month period, you can request to be reactivated in the Recruitment Pool for the remainder of the 12-month period. This will require you emailing Recruitmentpools@psc.nsw.gov.au to notify us that you wish to again be available for opportunities. Confirmation will be required from the agency confirming the conclusion of your ongoing employment.

13. Can I decline an offer and still remain in the Recruitment Pool?

YES. You do not have to accept an opportunity offered to you through the Recruitment Pool. Choosing not to accept a role will not jeopardise future potential offers.

14. Can I opt out of the Recruitment Pool?

YES. You can withdraw from the Recruitment Pool at any time by emailing Recruitmentpools@psc.nsw.gov.au. You will receive confirmation of your removal from the pool once this has occurred.

15. Is there a probation period and will my performance be reviewed?

Once you have been offered employment from the Recruitment Pool, the agency you work for will determine if you will have a probation period. If there are work performance issues during your employment, the agency’s performance management procedures will apply

If you have remained in a role for 3 months, your manager may be asked to complete a 3 month quality check. This will simply be checking that the assessment of your capability at the levels defined in the role description is reflected in your performance

16. What happens at the end of the 12-month period?

At the end of the 12-month period, your placement in the Recruitment Pool will expire. By this time, many people in the Recruitment Pool will already have found employment in temporary or ongoing roles.

17. What data will be collected about me?

There are 3 stages in the process where data will be collected about candidates; these are identified in the table below.




1. Applying for the role


  • Cover letter
  • Work and educational experience
  • Response to questions within the application process
  • Profile information
  • Identification of having a disability or identifying as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander


This information will be used by the Public Service Commission in the selection process to assist in determining whether your application will proceed to the next stage.

Identification information will be used to ensure any reasonable adjustments required in the assessment process can be made. In addition, this data will be de-identified when analysing and evaluating this pilot program.

Your data will not be used for any purpose other than as identified in this document. See also FAQ 20 and 21 below. We will contact you to seek your consent if there is a need to collect or use data not otherwise specified on this page.

2. Assessment and selection results


  • Assessment results against each of the capabilities identified for the role
  • The Selection Panel Report
  • Candidate Assessment Report


Records the outcome of your overall performance in the assessment and selection process and will be used by the Public Service Commission to decide if you are to be placed in the Recruitment Pool.

3. Placed in a Recruitment Pool


  • Profile Information
  • Cover letter
  • Work and educational experience
  • Responses within the online application form e.g. geographic location preferences
  • Assessment results against each of the capabilities identified for the role
  • Candidate Assessment Report
  • The selection Panel Report
  • Reference Check information – Reference checks will only be included where you have been previously informed and your referees have been contacted and their reports are available.
  • Information on any roles undertaken as a result of being in the Recruitment Pool


This information will be available to the Public Service Commission (PSC) and authorised Public Service agency employees for the purposes of searching the Recruitment Pool for candidates to fill vacancies. (See below question for information about authorised employees).

Information about roles taken will be used as part of the evaluation of this program. This information will be de-identified in the analysis.

18. Who can see the data and what can they see?

As the Recruitment Pool program is being run by the Public Service Commission (PSC), the PSC will collect and hold the information you provide throughout the assessment and selection process. Your information will be stored securely. You can find out more about the Public Service Commission at www.psc.nsw.gov.au. It address is Level 14, 4-6 Bligh Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Provision of information by you is voluntary, however, failure to provide required information may mean that you cannot continue in the selection process.

If you are placed in the Recruitment Pool, the PSC will make regular contact with you during the 12-month period. You can withdraw from the selection process or from the Recruitment Pool at any time by emailing Recruitmentpools@psc.nsw.gov.au.

Only those authorised to access the Recruitment Pool will be able to see your information. This will include selected Human Resources personnel in Public Service agencies responsible for recruitment and the Public Service Recruitment Pool team within the Public Service Commission (PSC). Your information may also be shared with hiring managers in Public Service agencies to assist in matching you to an available role. Matching candidates to available roles will involve considering candidate location preferences, the ‘focus’ capabilities for the role and information about candidate experience and knowledge.

19. What data will be collected for Program evaluation purposes?

An evaluation of the Recruitment Pool program will be undertaken to identify what worked well and what needs additional development. As such, we will be asking candidates for feedback about their experience at various stages of the process through short surveys. Responses to the surveys will be anonymous.

In addition, we will ask hiring managers to complete information about employees selected from the Recruitment Pool to inform a quality check. If hired, you may also be asked to complete a self-assessment to get your view on how you are going. The information from this quality check and self-assessment will be returned to the PSC for analysis and will be de-identified. These quality checks are for the evaluation of the program and information analysed will remain confidential and anonymous.

The PSC will contact you and seek your consent if there is a need to collect other data not otherwise specified in this document.

20. What happens if I miss out?

It is anticipated that recruitment for NSW Public Service Recruitment Pools will occur again in the future. You will be able to apply for the next Recruitment Pools when advertising commences.

Advertising schedules will be released on the NSW Public Service Recruitment Pools home page when released.

21. Who can I contact if I have questions?

For technical support with the online application form, queries should be directed to the I work for NSW Support Team by email at support@jobs.nsw.gov.au or phone 1800 562 679.

For queries relating to an advertised Recruitment Pool role, or information on how the Recruitment Pools work please email Recruitmentpools@psc.nsw.gov.au.

22. When can I apply for the NSW Public Service Recruitment Pool?

Applications have closed for the Administrative Support Officer, Clerk Grade 3/4 and Policy Officer, Clerk Grade 7/8 Recruitment Pools. We anticipate recruitment for future Recruitment Pools will occur again in the near future. 

Please return again soon for recruitment schedules when released, and details of the next roles Recruitment Pools will be recruited for.

23. What happens to my results of any psychometric assessments taken?

Online test results compiled as part of the Recruitment Pool recruitment process are held by Peter Berry Consultancy for 12 months, subject to strict access and security protocols in line with their data storage policy (see PBC Privacy Policy).

Re-use of these test results would only occur with your permission. If a subsequent role you apply for requires completion of the same test as part of the assessment process you will be given the opportunity to then release these results.