Participating agencies

Below are the agencies that are participating in the 2018 program:

The Treasury

The Treasury advises the NSW Government on state financial management policy and reporting, on economic conditions and issues, and on industrial relations matters. The
Treasury coordinates the State Budget, manages the State’s financial assets, monitors the performance of the State’s commercial agencies, implements industrial relations policy, monitors and review financial policies, expenditure and the budgets of NSW Government agencies. For more information, please visit the The Treasury (opens in a new window) website.

eHealth NSW

eHealth NSW provides statewide leadership in the digital management of health information. eHealth delivers innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions across the NSW Public Health System to enable excellent patient care now and into the future. For more information, please visit the eHealth (opens in a new window) website

Department of Industry

Department of Industry leads the state government's contribution to making NSW a fertile place to invest and to produce goods and services thereby creating job opportunities. The Department supports skill formation, sustainable use of the state’s natural resources and economic growth by delivering services to the mineral resources, energy, business, primary industry and vocational and educational sectors. For more information please visit the Department of Industry (opens in a new window) website.

Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation is a service provider and regulator. The department supports sustainable government programs, government procurement, information and communications technology, corporate and shared services, consumer protection, administration of State taxation and revenue collection and also NSW land and property administration. For more information please visit the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (opens in a new window) website.

Service NSW

Service NSW is an award-winning agency, shaped by its customers who want easier and online access to government services, through a single point of contact.

Customers can now enjoy completing over 850 NSW Government transactions, whether they are renewing a drivers licence, applying for a national parks pass or even planning to start or grow their own business, all under the one roof. Since 1 July 2013, over 40 million transactions have been completed across more than 40 government agencies, such as Roads and Maritime Services, NSW Fair Trading, Births Deaths and Marriages — and with more to come.

To meet the consistently high standards of world-class customer service and to continue delivering 97% customer satisfaction, our people are drawn from the communities they serve, where there is a great commitment to give back. This approach complements our culture of placing the customer at the heart of everything we do. More information about Service NSW is available at (opens in a new window)

Department of Education

The NSW Department of Education serves the community by leading the provision of world-class education. The department protects young children by regulating preschool and long day care providers. Once children move into school, we provide them with a world-class primary and secondary education. We also work to advance the wellbeing of Aboriginal people. For more information, please visit the Department of Education website (opens in a new window).

Department of Family and Community Services

Family and Community Services’ (FACS) work is broad and challenging. Every day FACS strive to improve lives by supporting people with disability, children and young people at risk and providing social housing assistance. For more information, please visit the Family and Community Services website (opens in a new window).

Department of Justice

The Department of Justice delivers legal, court and supervision services to the people of NSW by managing courts and justice services, implementing programs to reduce crime and re-offending, managing custodial and community-based correctional services, protecting rights and community standards and advising on law reform and legal matters. For more information, please visit the Department of Justice website (opens in a new window).

Department of Planning and Environment

The Department of Planning & Environment is the lead NSW Government agency in planning for a growing NSW. The Department’s vision seeks to inspire strong communities and protect our environment. The Department’s two related agencies - the Office of Environment & Heritage and the Office of Local Government, support the conservation and protection of the environment and an effective local government sector in NSW.For more information about the department please visit the Department of Planning and Environment website (opens in a new window).

Department of Premier & Cabinet

The Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) works for the people of NSW by supporting the Premier and Cabinet to achieve the Government’s vision for NSW and ensuring a whole-of-government approach to enhancing the economic, environment and social wellbeing of NSW. Working in DPC will give you a broad overview in areas such as public policy formulation, public administration and state administrative matters and an opportunity to be involved in a range of state-wide policies, issues and projects. For more information, please visit the Department of Premier and Cabinet website (opens in a new window).

Ministry of Health

The NSW Ministry of Health is responsible for ensuring that the people of NSW are provided with the best possible health care. The Ministry provides system manager functions in state-wide policy development, planning, purchasing and performance monitoring of hospitals and health services; Westminster functions supporting the Minister for Health and the Government; regulatory functions; and public health functions (disease surveillance, control and prevention). For more information, please visit the Ministry of Health website (opens in a new window).

Public Service Commission

The Public Service Commission leads the design, development and implementation of the full range of workforce management strategies – including workforce capability, recruitment and assessment, performance management, and strategic workforce planning – to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the NSW public sector workforce.For more information, please visit Public Service Commission 'about us' page (opens in a new window).

Parliament of New South Wales (Department of Parliamentary Services)

The Parliament of New South Wales is Australia's first and oldest Parliament, and its complex of buildings includes the oldest building surviving in the Sydney Central Business District (CBD). The Parliament is the law-making body for the State of New South Wales, directly elected by the people to make state laws, control state finances, and discuss matters of importance to the people of New South Wales. It consists of two democratically elected Houses, the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council, with the Department of Parliamentary Services providing support to both Houses. The State Premier and Ministers (the Cabinet) develop policy and carry out the laws through government departments. They remain members of Parliament and are responsible to it. For more information please visit the Parliament of New South Wales website (opens in a new window).

HealthShare NSW

HealthShare NSW provides support services to the NSW health system. An organisation of over 6,500 staff, services include food and patient support, linen, patient transport, procurement and logistics, and financial and employee transactions. We are the largest provider of these services in Australia. For more information please visit the HealthShare NSW website (opens in a new window).

NSW Education Standards Authority

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) puts the education of students at the heart of its work.

This work includes:

•developing the Kindergarten to Year 12 curriculum, with a focus on early development of literacy and numeracy skills

• delivering the end of school external credential and exam – the NSW Higher School Certificate ( HSC) - and other state-wide tests

•registration of schools, school sectors and home schooling

•accrediting teachers working in NSW schools and early childhood services

•accrediting teaching degrees

NESA also represents NSW to the national educational bodies responsible for these key areas. For more information please visit the NESA website (opens in a new window).


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