Premier launches third leadership program

The NSW Leadership Academy program for high potential Directors and Executive Directors is underway.

Premier Mike Baird told the 18 participants, their managers, and the Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries at the Leading Executives program launch, to grasp both the responsibility and the opportunity that leadership brings. Calling the program “transformational” he also stressed the vital role leadership plays in delivering better results for the people of NSW.

“If you succeed this state succeeds. That’s something that’s very powerful. It’s powerful for us here; more importantly it’s powerful for the community, and it’s powerful for the kids to come.”

High potential: leading into the future

Leadership Academy programs are not just about developing leadership capability now they are also about building a strong and capable pipeline of people who have the leadership capability to lead the sector as Deputies and Secretaries in the future.

The Secretaries Board developed the NSW Public Sector definition of a high potential leader and that is someone who displays the potential to be promoted two levels above their current role within the next three years (or one level for Band 3’s), considering the following criteria:

  • demonstrates an effective leadership style
  • learns and adapts quickly
  • is engaged and committed
  • is values driven
  • seeks to diversify experience; and
  • is motivated to deliver for the people of NSW.

Public Service Commissioner Graeme Head said all leaders must lead by example and must be prepared to be under the spotlight

“The  Leading Executives program will provide you with the opportunity to accelerate your development and become the best leaders you can be.

“While each program is highly structured; how it unfolds, how it reveals, will be up to you, your manager, coaches and assessors,as well as your education and experiences that the program brings to you along the way.”