Leading Managers program kicks off

The fourth NSW Leadership Academy program, Leading Managers, is now underway.

Secretary of Department of Premier and Cabinet, Blair Comley told the orientation audience of program participants and their managers that what they would encounter in the course of their program is not “rocket science” but is instead “a structured way of thinking about leadership,” Mr Comley said.

“You have a great opportunity here because leadership is critical and we have traditionally under-invested in leadership in the public service. It really matters because not only do we want to ensure we’re achieving the outcomes but also creating an environment where people really want to be here."

The program is for those at Grades 11/12 (or equivalent) who are ready to make a successful transition from leading teams to leading managers. As with all Academy programs, participants will develop leadership capabilities in readiness for higher level and/or more complex roles.

Public Service Commissioner, Graeme Head reflected on his leadership journey and recounted he was still in touch with a network from a similar program he undertook 20 years ago.

“There’s both the things you learn but also the people you learn about and form networks with,“ he said.

“We should think about leadership not as something that people are born to do, maybe some have more or less traits that may naturally lend themselves to those roles, but it’s a craft that you learn, that needs to be practised.“

There are 18 participants in the six-month program and all departments are represented. After their initial online 360 reviews, program participants will dive straight into coaching, workshops, and small groups dealing with real workplace issues.

The group of participants undertaking the first Leading Managers program at the NSW Leadership Academy,  with Commissioner Graeme Head.

Commissioner Graeme Head with the first group of participants in the Leading Managers program Back: (L-R): Sam McLean, Clare Archibald, Emma De Voss, Mark Higgs, Roger Shu, Ingrid Emery, Margaret MaCrae, Michael Cracroft. Front L-R: Kevin Flack, Krystle Gray, Claire Bedford, Tracy Clarke, Daniel Florent, Dennis Weischat, Jodie Miller. Absent from photo: Samantha Gooch, Gary Hartin, Kylie Nicholls.