Leadership Academy programs launched

Opportunity, obligation and some confronting learning will be the experience for participants in a pilot program for the newly launched NSW Leadership Academy.

At the orientation event for the Deputy Secretaries Program, Blair Comley, Secretary of Premier and Cabinet (and participant in the Academy’s other pilot program for Secretaries) outlined the prestigiousness of the program along with the importance of individual commitment.

“In the public sector we underinvest in the development of our leaders we need to do it more and this is the beginning,” he said, “none of us are finished learning.”

The twelve-month program begins with a rigorous face to face 360⁰ degree review process and feedback, and a two-day development centre “day in the life of a secretary” simulation.

The carefully structured individualised programs emerging from these assessments, identify skills and capabilities required by participants at the next level of leadership. Individual programs could include executive coaching, mentoring, executive education, exposure to international government practices, peer networking and secondments.

The Leadership Academy programs target key transition points for NSW Public Sector leaders:

•           from leading executives to leading an agency or cluster (current Band 3 and equivalent)

•           from leading other managers to leading executives (current Band 1 & 2 and equivalent)

•           from leading a team to leading other managers (current Grade 11/12 and equivalent)

as well as the opt-in program for current Secretaries.

The first two programs are pilot programs which will inform the development of future programs and of the online platform for the Academy in 2016.

The NSW Leadership Academy is a whole-of-government initiative run by the Public Service Commission and governed by the Secretaries Board.

Commissioner Graeme Head, Director of Leadership and Values Kathy Baker, and Jamie Sims and Tim Orton from program providers People Measures and Nous Group also welcomed the participants to the year-long program.