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Clinic and module topics

An outline of the Managing for Performance program modules.

Management Clinic 1 Performance Foundations

Module 1:

Manager as Developer

  • Introduction to program
  • The business case for performance development
  • Review of diagnostic insights, including strengths and areas for development
  • Understanding and analysing performance

Module 2:

Performance Dynamics

  • Opportunities and challenges of performance development
  • Constructive vs non-constructive performance development
  • Individual styles and preferences
  • Individual and team dynamics

Module 3:

Core Techniques

  • Examine core engagement techniques, and explore differences between performance coaching, directing and mentoring
  • Introduction to new best practice frameworks, principles and tools

Management Clinic 2 Performance Development

Module 4:

Effective Performance Development Conversations

  • Strengths-based development
  • Identify strengths and development opportunities for individuals and teams
  • Examine how capability develops
  • Coaching for capability development and engagement

Module 5:

Resolving unsatisfactory performance

  • Fundamentals of under-performance
  • Approaches to manage and resolve unsatisfactory performance (individual and team)
  • Strategies to deal with challenging conversations and reactions

Module 6:

Building a Performance Culture

  • Defining a performance culture
  • Emotional contagion; the neuro-psychology of individuals performance cultures
  • Using neuroscience to optimise individual and team performance
  • Harnessing opportunities to optimise a culture of performance
  • Recognition strategies and motivation