Managing for Performance Program

About the program

The Managing for Performance program is a practical management development program which focuses on maximising individual and team performance.

The program is designed to help managers to:

  • gain insight on their strengths, identify areas for development and optimise their performance
  • understand and apply approaches to optimise individual and team performance
  • understand and apply core techniques and skills to engage employees in discussion about their development and performance
  • manage unsatisfactory performance
  • build a performance culture

The program is aligned to the NSW Public Sector Performance Development Framework, which sets out the core requirements of performance management systems and the approach for managing all aspects of employee performance in the NSW public sector.

Who is it for?

The program is designed for all NSW public sector managers and is available to NSW government agencies via their human resources or organisational development teams.

It has been developed as a training resource that can be adapted by your agency or department and conducted by internal or third party trainers.

Program Delivery

Agencies may:

  • deliver the program in its entirety across the agency
  • deliver modules of the program separately
  • customise parts of the program for the agency’s own programs or integrate them into the agency’s own programs
  • engage a suitably qualified external facilitator or provider to undertake the above.

Where the program is delivered in full it is run over six months to enable managers to apply new learnings and behaviours.

Access the program

If you are interested in accessing the program, please discuss it with your human resources or organisational development team and ask them to contact the Performance Management team at the NSW Public Service Commission.

Access to the program is provided under terms and conditions set out in a memorandum of understanding between the NSW Public Service Commission and your agency.

Further information

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