Cranlana Colloquium

The Cranlana Colloquium provides participants with a set of value-based frameworks for making difficult decisions and delivers an opportunity to make explicit the implicit principles that guide leadership in organisations, drawing upon ideas from influential texts through moderated roundtable discussions.

The Government Sector Employment Act articulates responsibilities for general conduct and management in accordance with the core values of the Ethical Framework. The Cranlana Colloquium supports senior executives in leading in a manner consistent with the ethical framework and keeping public sector values central to decision making.


Reflect on the nature of leadership and the societal, organisational and personal values that determine actions; strengthen participants’ capacity to exercise informed, ethical and strategic judgement; develop further knowledge about the intersection of private, government and community sectors and tensions and trade-offs therein between liberty, equality, prosperity, community and a sustainable society; enhance analytical and decision-making ability; deepen understanding about shaping and formulating public and corporate policy; strengthen capacity to manage positive change.

Course content

Participants engage with ideas raised by philosophical and economic texts that have influenced society from Classical to contemporary times. Guided by skilled moderators, the powerful concepts contained within these writings are drawn out and debated in an evolving round-table discussion.

Suited to

The Colloquium is designed for individuals involved in navigating complex, multi-faceted challenges with varied and competing stakeholder interests. The target group for the program is talented, high potential Band 1 and Band 2 (and equivalent) senior executives in roles shifting from subject matter expertise to a broader area of responsibility.

Next Program

The next Cranlana Colloquium will be delivered in Sydney from Sunday 15 October - Friday 20 October 2017.


Six days. Non-residential


There is a substantial amount of pre-reading that needs to be completed prior to commencement of the Colloquium. The reading materials are mailed to participants up to four weeks prior to the start of the program, in hard copy only.



Additional resources

Feedback on the inaugural Cranlana Colloquium () was overwhelmingly positive, with all respondents agreeing that they:

  • believe the program provided them with knowledge, skills, ideas and techniques that they can apply in their work role
  • believe the program will assist them to work in a manner consistent with the NSW government ethical framework
  • will recommend the Colloquium to their colleagues


This course is funded by the Public Service Commission.

How to apply

Secretaries/Agency Heads nominate suitable candidates based on who are high potential Band 1 and Band 2 (and equivalent) senior executives in roles shifting from subject matter expertise to a broader area of responsibility.

Contact officer

Name: Kate Alexander
Email address:
Phone number: 02 9272 6109