The Spark: shaping a world class HR. Igniting new conversations and ways of working in HR.

The Spark is a program designed to equip NSW Government HR leaders and practitioners to support the transformation of the workforce and deliver a world class public service.

Informed by sector feedback and global HR trends, the program has been designed with strategic HR experts from inside and outside the public sector.

The program consists of 12 podcasts and three masterclasses which focus on three key themes: smarter ways of working, people analytics, and the changing role of HR.

An exciting new initiative under The Spark is a cross-sector mentoring program offering NSW Government HR professionals opportunities for continued development in HR capability. 

The Spark HR mentoring program

The Spark HR mentoring program pairs mentors and mentees from across the sector to support HR capability development. 


Hosted by Tanya Hammond, each podcast is between 30 and 45 minutes long. They are designed to be used as a learning initiative either individually or in teams, and feature HR experts from the public and private sectors.

Episode 1 - Rhonda Brighton-Hall

Smarter ways of working: talent management and the future of work with Rhonda Brighton-Hall.

Image of Rhonda Brighton-Hall

Episode 2 - Jaye Matheson

Smarter ways of working: supporting managers in leading through disruptive change and adapting to the digital and human centred world of work with Jaye Matheson.

jaye matheson

Episode 3 - Natasha Fox & Ben Neal

Smarter ways of working: leading digital workforce transformation with Natasha Fox and Ben Neal.

Natasha Fox and Ben Neal

Episode 4 - Jody Grima & Scott Johnston

Smarter ways of working: curating responsive, flexible & resilient organisational cultures and work practices for ongoing change with Jody Grima and Scott Johnston.

Jody Grima and Scott Johnston

Episode 5 - Tony Ashton

People analytics: trends in establishing and maturing the people analytics team with Tony Ashton.

Image of Tony Ashton

Episode 6 - Richard Griffiths

People analytics: sourcing workplace and people insights – starting with the basics with Richard Griffiths.

Richard Griffiths

Episode 7 - Rodd Staples

People analytics: taking an evidence-based approach to all things customer, people and culture with Rodd Staples.

Rodd Staples

Episode 8 - Sandra Crawford

People analytics: imparting insights – the art of story-telling to compel action with Sandra Crawford.

Sandra Crawford

Episode 9 - Jacqui Curtis

Changing role of HR: future role of adaptive and flexible HR models leveraging technology, automation and responding to the VUCA world with Jacqui Curtis.

Image of Jacqui Curtis

Episode 10 - Scott Hansen

Changing role of HR: Partnering with the business to identify, develop and execute workforce strategies with Scott Hansen.

Scott Hansen

Episode 11 - Kirsten Watson

Changing role of HR: the reality of what business partnering is and how it can be achieved through business acumen, 'soft skills' and problem solving.

Image of Kirsten Watson

Episode 12 - Margo Droulers

Changing role of HR: how to transition from transaction "policy police" to leading strategic and trusted business advisors.

Margo Droulers


Three virtual masterclasses were delivered in 2020 to provide opportunities to engage in rich and diverse thinking under the facilitation of industry experts, as well as the opportunity to apply learning during and after the session. The series was developed with the support of a leading group of NSW Government HR advisors, to cultivate a network of talented and committed HR practitioners who will be the catalyst for change in their agencies. 

Masterclass 1: Smarter ways of working

Understand the impacts of smarter ways of working and demonstrate how HR can lead and support the transitioning workforce through digital disruption and ongoing change

Masterclass 2: Enabling impact with people insights

Identify how data analytics can inform workforce strategy and enable evidence-based decision making, management and practice

Masterclass 3: Adapting to the changing role of HR

Understand how the role of HR in the NSW public sector is changing, the drivers of change and the role of HR as a strategic driver and advisor of the business and sector

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