Podcast 1

Smarter ways of working: talent management and the future of work with Rhonda Brighton-Hall.

Podcast 2

Smarter ways of working: supporting managers in leading through disruptive change and adapting to the digital and human centred world of work with Jaye Matheson.

Podcast 3

Smarter ways of working: leading digital workforce transformation with Natasha Fox and Ben Neal.

Podcast 4

Smarter ways of working: curating responsive, flexible & resilient organisational cultures and work practices for ongoing change with Jody Grima and Scott Johnston.

Smarter ways of working masterclass

Podcast 5

People analytics: trends in establishing and maturing the people analytics team with Tony Ashton.

Podcast 6

People analytics: sourcing workplace and people insights – starting with the basics with Richard Griffiths.

Podcast 7

People analytics: taking an evidence-based approach to all things customer, people and culture with Rodd Staples.

Podcast 8

People analytics: imparting insights – the art of story-telling to compel action with Sandra Crawford.

Enabling impact with people insights masterclass

Podcast 9

Changing role of HR: future role of adaptive and flexible HR models leveraging technology, automation and responding to the VUCA world with Jacqui Curtis.

Podcast 10

Changing role of HR: Partnering with the business to identify, develop and execute workforce strategies with Scott Hansen.

Podcast 11

Changing role of HR: the reality of what business partnering is and how it can be achieved through business acumen, 'soft skills' and problem solving.

Podcast 12

Changing role of HR: how to transition from transaction "policy police" to leading strategic and trusted business advisors.

Adapting to the changing role of HR