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ICT Career Pathway Framework

An introduction to the ICT Career Pathway Framework

The NSW Government ICT Strategy outlines a range of strategies to build ICT skills and capability to deliver better services, better insights from data and better value ICT investment.

The development of an ICT Career Pathway Framework is a key element of the strategy. It has been created by the Public Service Commission and the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, who have collaborated with ICT subject matter experts from a range of NSW government agencies.

The purpose of the ICT Career Pathway Framework

It is essential that we continue to grow the capability of our workforce. Professionals today need a blend of business and technical skills to enable delivery of solutions and services that meet the needs of the community and clients.

The framework is intended to be a tool used by employees when planning their career, as well as for managers when planning development opportunities for their team.

The framework shows lateral, vertical and diagonal career paths between 55 sector ICT role descriptions, as well as 7 emerging ICT roles. These career paths were developed in the context of trends affecting the ICT function in the NSW public sector.

The framework is intended as a guide, as such the career paths depicted are indicative rather than exhaustive.

ICT Career Pathway Framework (PDF 5.7MB)

ICT Career Pathway Framework - Accessible version (DOCX 170.4KB)