Age groups are diverse

This horizontal bar diagram shows that age groups are diverse with 99,228 under 35 years,  200,800 aged 35-54 years and 95,739 aged 55+ years. Other details are in the paragraphs below.

In a workforce of almost 400,000 people, approximately half are aged 35–54 years, with younger and older age groups each making up about a quarter of the total number. The largest single age group is the 45–54 year bracket.

The workforce is ageing. The fastest growing group is workers 55 years and over. There are 156,549 baby boomers aged 49–68, constituting 40% of the total workforce.

The median age of 45 has not changed in the last 12 months.

The upward shift in the number of those aged 55 years and over is balanced by 3,958 retirements in 2014 and a downward shift in all other age groups, except 25–34 years where there has been a small rate of growth.

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