Core values

The People Matter survey included a number of questions to gauge how employees perceive and adhere to the public sector's four core values. The results show that employees are positive about the extent to which these have been applied in their workplaces (see Figure 17) and more positive today than they were in 2012.

Eighty-four per cent of employees were positive about the public sector's commitment to service (compared to 80% in 2012). Trust scored 76% positive responses (73% in 2012), integrity 75% (71% in 2012) and accountability 73% (64% in 2012).

The response rates range from a high of 94% for workgroups striving to achieve customer satisfaction to a low of 53% for senior managers listening to employees. Within agencies, results were generally similar across all four values – if an agency scored high on one, it tended to score high on all values.

Younger employees, those who had held positions for less than two years, and those on low or higher salaries were generally more likely to respond positively in each category.

Figure 17: Employee perceptions of the extent to which the core values have been applied in their workplace

Figure 17 is a vertical bar graph with sector perceptions of how core values are applied in the workplace with key findings in preceding paragraphs.

Data in detail

Figure 18 shows the responses that contributed to the scores for integrity, trust, service and accountability specifically. Further detail about the service value is in Chapter 3.

Figure 18: High and low ratings about employee engagement

Figure 18 is a horizontal bar graph showing the percentage agreement against  statements relating to the core values of accountability, integrity, service and trust (respectively). Greatest improvements in each core value; I believe senior managers provide clear direction for the future of the organisation 54% (up 8%); I feel that senior managers model the values of my organisation 70% (up 9%); I feel that the NSW public sector is innovative 56% (up 6%); I am confident that I would be protected from reprisal for reporting misconduct/wrongdoing 65% (up 7%). Highest score in each core value; My organisation focuses on improving its performance 84%; My manager emphasises the need for fairness in decision making 79%; My workgroup strives to achieve customer/client satisfaction 94%; Members of my workgroup treat customers/clients with respect 93%. Lowest score in each value; I believe senior managers provide clear direction for the future of the organisation 54%; My manager talks to me about how the values apply to my work 66%; I feel that the NSW public sector is innovative 56%; I feel that senior managers listen to employees 53%.

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