Employee Insights

NSW public sector employees themselves largely felt that their organisations were strongly committed to providing good customer service. Respondents to the People Matter survey strongly agreed (83–94%) with the six statements directly relating to customer service and each score was marginally higher than the ratings given in 2012.

Figure 13: Employee perceptions of service

Figure 13 is a horizontal bar graph showing the percentage of employee agreement with statements relating to service in 2014 and 2012. My organisation provides high-quality services 88% in 2014, 85% in 2012; My organisation strives to match services to customer/client needs 88% in 2014, 84% in 2012; My organisation ensures government policies and programs affecting the community are implemented equitably 88% in 2014, 83% in 2012; My organisation supports better practice so we can provide better service 83% in 2014, 80% in 2012; My manager is committed to ensuring customers/clients receive a high standard of service 89% in 2014, 88% in 2012; My workgroup strives to achieve customer/client satisfaction 94% in 2014, 94% in 2012; My workgroup uses research and expertise to identify better practice 83% in 2014, 77% in 2012.

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