Chapter 3: customer focus

Chapter at a glance

NSW customers are relatively happy with public services and similar levels of satisfaction are reported by consumers and businesses.

More than a quarter of customers had complained to a public sector agency but only 15% felt their complaints had been effectively handled.

Handling complaints well has a positive impact on customer satisfaction, even more than reducing the incidence of complaints.

Employees feel that their organisations are strongly committed to good customer service.

Improving customer service is a high priority for the NSW Government.

The NSW public sector provides a wide range of services to members of the public and businesses. They range from essential services like hospitals, schools, public transport and police to regulatory services for trade, the environment, land use and infrastructure planning. Some services have complex long-term relationships with their customers while others, like licence renewal, are transaction-based.

Views about customer service are reported in this chapter from three perspectives – those of customers, employees and agencies.

The term 'customer' applies to any individual or organisation that directly uses services provided by a public sector agency. It includes people who may be referred to in other ways, including clients, consumers, parents, passengers, patients, residents, students and visitors.

The Public Service Commission acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional custodians of the land on which our office stands.