Chapter 5: improving service delivery

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Many agencies actively seek feedback about their services from the community.

A single instrument to regularly and comprehensively measure customer satisfaction across the sector is under development.

Improving productivity and encouraging collaboration within the sector and with other sectors provides opportunities to improve service delivery.

The PSC investigated the existence of essential preconditions for innovation and launched a program to develop leaders’ capabilities to foster innovation.

The NSW public service, like all its Westminster system equivalents, advises on and implements the decisions of the government of the day. In NSW, the priority is to deliver NSW 2021, which is the Government’s 10-year plan to rebuild the economy, return quality services, renovate infrastructure, restore accountability to government, and strengthen the local environment and communities. The NSW Government reports on progress against its goals in a NSW 2021 Performance Report that is published with the Budget Papers each financial year.

The previous chapters of this report have detailed how across the sector work is underway to improve workforce culture, capabilities, employment systems and arrangements. This chapter reports on the status of research that is examining other opportunities to improve performance as well as the application of concepts like innovation in the sector. All of these initiatives, whether internally or externally focused, are about the key workforce-related enablers required to deliver NSW 2021.

The public sector workforce directly or indirectly delivers most NSW Government services. Improving the workforce’s performance is critical, not only because of the impact on recipients of those services, but also because of the potential effects on the well-being of the broader community and the health of the NSW economy.

To improve the quality of public services, it is fundamental to find out what the community thinks of the services it currently receives. Many agencies are already making considerable efforts to obtain customer feedback. However, a single comprehensive measurement of customer satisfaction across the sector would also be valuable, and the PSC has been working with the state’s Customer Service Commissioner on an approach to achieve this.

Increased productivity, greater innovation and effective collaboration in service delivery can potentially bring about better outcomes for customers. Research has been commissioned in these key areas to gain insights into current practices and identify opportunities for improvement.

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