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The online NSW People Matter Employee Survey was open to all employees across the NSW Government sector from Friday 1 June 2018 to Monday 2 July 2018.

The survey provided an important opportunity for almost 400,000 employees to have a say about their workplace and to help make the public sector a better place to work.

The survey asked employees about experiences with their own work and working with their team, managers and the organisation. Participants were asked to be thoughtful, honest, and candid when they completed the survey.

The public sector includes a wide range of services relating to health, education, transport, justice, family support, finance, planning and environment, and many other areas. Employees provide services directly to the public or work behind the scenes in research, policy, programs, clerical, corporate, and more.

The survey was coordinated by the Public Service Commission working in collaboration with public sector departments and agencies.

2018 Final Response rates for clusters

Reports will be published approximately 10 September 2018.

Name Response rate (Per cent) Number of responses
NSW Public Sector
50.7% 170,832

45.5% 35,880
Family and Community Services
65.7% 6,894
Finance, Services and Innovation
91.0% 8,481
45.7% 65,677
87.5% 5,238
37.4% 15,510
Planning and Environment
82.4% 6,680
Premier and Cabinet
100.4% 950
72.3% 19,869
93.9% 734

Separate Agencies
72.7% 3,030
Other Independent Agencies
34.5% 1,889

Is the survey anonymous and confidential?

Yes. The survey is conducted by an independent research organisation.

The survey link is sent to employees by their organisation. Employee email addresses are not attached to their survey response. Responses cannot be traced back to individuals by employers or the Public Service Commission.

Individual results cannot be identified because of the way the views of employees are merged together. Views of employees are not reported individually. This ensures that all survey responses remain anonymous and confidential.

How will the results be used?

Public sector organisations receive reports that summarise responses from their employees. The results are used by organisations to identify areas of good practice and to make improvements where needed using the evidence from the survey.

The Public Service Commission uses the results to report on the overall performance of the public sector and to inform different types of sector-wide workforce management initiatives.

Most importantly, the results of the survey can be used throughout the sector by employees, managers, and work groups. The Public Service Commission encourages all employees and managers to engage with the results of the survey and think about how positive impact can be created at an individual, organisational, and systemic level to improve workplace practices.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

To find out more about the 2018 People Matter Employee Survey, read the frequently asked questions.