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State of the NSW Public Sector Report 2015
For the past four years, the NSW public sector has been actively working on an ambitious reform agenda to increase performance in order to deliver the best possible services to the 7.5 million people of NSW. This transformation is captured in the State of the NSW Public Sector 2015.
  • The NSW public sector has initiated a number of programs to attract the best and brightest people, and to focus on achieving desired business outcomes. It is also focused on increasing the diversity of its workforce, especially in the representation of women in leadership roles, Aboriginal people and those with disability.

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    Aboriginal Career and Leadership Development Program

    Workforce management conceptual model (PDF)

    Outcomes-focused model for workforce management

  • People are the sector’s most valuable asset and clear communication around roles, responsibilities and goals is a key driver of employee engagement. New tools have been developed to show what is expected of employees when it comes to workforce management specific to the roles they undertake in their organisations.

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    Personas - Leaders (PDF)

    Workforce Management - Leaders

    Personas - Executive (PDF)

    Workforce Management - Executive

    Persona - Individual (PDF)

    Workforce Management - Individuals

  • The citizens and businesses of NSW are relatively satisfied with the services they receive from the government, giving them scores of 7.2 and 7.3 out of 10 respectively.

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    Promoting excellence in service: 2015 Premier's Award for Public Service

    Premier's Award - Recognising Excellence in Public Service

    Promoting excellence in service: 2015 Premier's Awards for Public Service

  • The NSW public sector understands the importance of exceptional leadership in driving workforce reform. The sector undertook a number of initiatives in 2015 to improve the quality of its leadership, including creating The NSW Leadership Academy and taking concrete steps to end gender inequality in senior roles.

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    NSW Leadership Academy explained (PDF)

    Introducing the NSW Leadership Academy

    Chief Executive Women case study on The Treasury (PDF)

    Guide to better gender balance from the Australian Treasury

  • Strong leadership is required to embed the core values of the Ethical Framework into workplace culture and behaviours. The NSW public sector continued to actively track the ethical performance of agencies and employee conduct through the 2015 Agency survey.

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    Professor Joanne Ciulla on ethics, effectiveness and leadership

    Behaving Ethically: a guide to ethical behaviour

    Behaving Ethically: guide for NSW government employees at all levels

  • NSW is building a more productive public sector through innovation and the implementation of new workforce strategies.

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    Collaboration blueprint and framework

    Improving collaboration between government and other sectors

    Guide to human capital management


The state of the NSW Public Sector Report 2015 explores how the state is doing in each of these critical areas and what more needs to be done to move to the next level.


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