People Matter Employee Survey 2019

People Matter Employee Survey 2019

Open Thursday 30 May – Friday 28 June 2019

People Matter - NSW Public Sector Employee Survey logoOverview

The online NSW People Matter Employee Survey was open to all employees across the NSW public sector from 30 May 2019 to 28 June 2019.

The survey provided an important opportunity for almost 400,000 employees to have a say about their workplace and to help make the public sector a better place to work.

The survey asked employees about experiences with their own work and working with their team, managers and the organisation. Participants were asked to be thoughtful, honest, and candid when they completed the survey.

Responses from individual employees are confidential and strict rules are in place to safeguard privacy at every stage of the survey process.

The public sector includes a wide range of services relating to health, education, transport, justice, family support, finance, planning, the environment, and many other areas. Employees provide services directly to the public or work behind the scenes in research, policy, programs, clerical, corporate, or other types of jobs.

The survey was co-ordinated by the Public Service Commission working in collaboration with public sector departments and agencies.

2019 Reports

Results for departments and agencies in PDF and accessible Excel formats can be found by clicking on the organisation name in the table below.

2019 Reports for departments and agencies

Name Response rate (Per cent) Number of responses
NSW Public Sector - HTML | Report | Data file 52.8% 185,289

45.8% 38,188
Family & Community Services
67.4% 7,206
Finance, Services and Innovation
84.1% 7,984
49.1% 72,279
87.1% 5,563
40.2% 18,048
Planning & Environment
80.0% 6,778
Premier & Cabinet
84.3% 953
75.8% 21,728
80.3% 1,847

Independent Agencies 58.3% 4,715

Survey questions and methodology

  • 2019 Survey Questions PDF | Word
  • Survey Methodology Word

How will the results be used?

Public sector organisations receive reports that summarise responses from their employees. The results are used by organisations to identify areas of good practice and to make improvements where needed using the evidence from the survey.

The Public Service Commission uses the results to report on the overall performance of the public sector and to inform different types of sector wide workforce management initiatives.

Most importantly, the results of the survey can be used throughout the sector by employees, managers and work groups. The Public Service Commission encourages all employees and managers to engage with the results of the survey and think about how change can be affected at an individual, organisational and systems level to improve workplace practices.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

The FAQs can be found on the PMES Frequently Asked Questions page.