Create Role Description

Capability Framework Role Description

Create Role Description

This Role Description template allows you to easily populate necessary Role Description content, including the capabilities required for the role from the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework. Role Descriptions must be developed in line with the Role Description Development Guideline (PDF 84.1KB).

What's new?

We’ve added/modified some features to the web-based Role Description template to make it more user friendly. These are:

Help Text

On every page, 'Help Text' relating to the page is available by clicking on the (?) symbol.

Multiple Emails

Users can now enter multiple emails to send the Role Description (separated by semi colons).

Kind of employment

This field has been removed from the template as this information is more appropriately located in the establishment and/or the advertisement for the role.

Preview button

Users can preview the Role Description as they are progressing through the various screens by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol.

Progress Indicator

A progress bar at the top of the page shows users the percentage of the Role Description that's been completed.

Copy Role

On the last screen (Role Description), users can now copy the contents of the Role Description into a new one and make modifications rather than re-entering all the information again for a similar role.

Download PDF

This helps users to download a PDF document from the system rather than opening in MS Word and converting to a PDF document.

We suggest the use of Google Chrome for the creation of a Role Description.