Employment Portal

Employment Portal

The EmploymentPortal is an online workforce management information portal and a resource for employees and managers. It is the key central source of legislative and policy information and resources for public sector employment.

The EmploymentPortal will replace the Personnel Handbook and the Policy Directory as the reference point for employment related matters. The Personnel Handbook and Policy Directory will remain available as archived resources.

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Where is the Personnel Handbook?

The Personnel Handbook is available on the EmploymentPortal as a reference point for matters which remain relevant under the transitional provisions of the GSE Act and GSE Regulation.

It is intended that the Personnel Handbook will be fully replaced by the EmploymentPortal as a resource for employees and managers.

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Where is the Policy Directory?

The Policy Directory is available to access archived Public Service Commission policy documents.

You should look for current policy documents on the EmploymentPortal. New policy documents will only be published on the EmploymentPortal.

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