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About the Government Sector Employment Act

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Reforming the public sector to deliver improved services to the NSW community

Arising from the Government's support of the Commission of Audit's recommendations, the Premier requested the Public Service Commissioner to review the NSW public sector, starting with the executive structure, and develop reform proposals to improve public sector management. There are two parts to these reforms: reform of the executive structure and reforms which will apply to the entire government sector.

The GSE Act provides a new and streamlined statutory framework devoted solely to NSW Government sector employment and workforce management.  The GSE Act allows employees to better understand and engage with their employment system. Its provisions will allow for devolving workforce management to agencies within a centrally defined framework.

Overall, the Act provides the foundation of a modern and effective public sector workforce, attracting and retaining talented people who want rewarding careers and who are well-equipped to deliver the best service to the people of NSW.