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Executive Relocation Expenses Framework


The NSW Government Sector Executive Relocation Expenses Framework (‘the Framework’) outlines the relocation expense allowances payable to an executive where that executive is required to relocate to undertake a role in the NSW government sector.  
A high performing NSW government sector is best supported by a diverse and highly skilled executive workforce, drawn from the government, private and not-for profit sectors and from local, state, national and international labour markets. 
The Framework provides for a uniform and consistent set of practices across the government sector.  The nature of the relocation expenses on offer will enable the attraction of the best talent, within parameters which recognise the NSW government’s position in the labour market. 
A relocation expenses package is only available where:

  • The employer of the executive has determined that the candidate is ‘outstanding’ in that they are the best candidate in the recruitment field and their expertise/experience justify the relocation support, and
  • The executive is to be employed in the government sector in a location other than where they currently reside and it would be unreasonable without support to require the executive to relocate.  

The relocation expenses package may include a post-hire commuting component where an executive has commitments that will delay relocation but the employer requires them to commence immediately. 
As provided in this Framework, a relocation expenses package may also be available where an executive is required to relocate once employed.   
The Framework provides for reimbursement of:

  1. Reasonable actual relocation expenses on an acquittal basis,  plus
  2. Contribution to reasonable eligible expenses, within defined limits, on an acquittal basis up to the relevant tier cap. 

The tier caps contained in this Framework will be updated on a regular basis to reflect Consumer Price Index (CPI) movements.