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& Accountability


The government sector

The GSE Act establishes the government sector (see section 3 for definitions). 

The government sector includes the public service and also other government services as follows:

  • the Teaching Service
  • the NSW Police Force
  • the NSW Health Service
  • the Transport Service of New South Wales
  • any other service of the Crown, and
  • other bodies as prescribed (for example State owned corporations)

Certain provisions of the GSE Act apply to all employees of the services in the government sector. This includes the provisions of Part 5 of the GSE Act, including:

  • section 63 Workforce diversity (applies to the government sector including State owned corporations)
  • section 64 Employee transfers and secondments
  • section 65 Cross-agency employment
  • section 66 Temporary assignments of staff between government sector agencies and other relevant bodies
  • section 67 Performance management systems
  • section 68 Unsatisfactory performance of government sector employees, and 
  • section 69 Misconduct (if the agency is prescribed for this section).

More information:

PDF Document   To whom the Act applies (PDF 448.2KB)
PDF Document   Structure of the Government Sector (PDF 31.5KB)
PDF Document   Government Sector Diagram (PDF 17.6KB)