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Recruitment and selection - Transitional guidance

The following documents are provided for recruitment action being undertaken using the recruitment provisions of the Public Sector Employment and Management Act 2002 in accordance with the transitional provisions:

Website   PSEM Regulation 2009 - clause 5, Selection procedures for officers
PDF Document   PSC Guideline 2008-005, Merit Selection Guide for NSW Public Sector Panels
Website   Smart Recruitment
Website   Personnel Handbook - Chapter 2, Recruitment and selection
Website   DPC Circular 2008-29, Amendments to the PSEM Act and Regulation on Recruitment Flexibility
Website   DPC Circular 2003-35, Training on Merit Selection Techniques
Website   Recruitment and selection: Knowing your risks (ICAC)

For guidance on recruitment action being undertaken using the recruitment and selection provisions of the GSE Act, visit the Recruitment & Selection page.