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Questions and Answers

PDF Document   32 Key Questions and Answers

Fact Sheets

Additional fact sheets about the GSE Act are currently under development.  These fact sheets will be about the government sector, merit and recruitment, mobility and assignment to role, transfers and secondments, performance management, workforce diversity, ethics and conduct, and Public Service senior executive employment.

PDF Document   Government Sector: The Government Sector (PDF 75.8KB)
PDF Document   Government Sector: Regulation and Rules (PDF 70.9KB)
PDF Document   Government Sector: Separate Public Service Agencies (PDF 95.9KB)
PDF Document   Public Service: Merit, Recruitment and Selection (PDF 288.4KB)
PDF Document   Public Service: Workforce Transition (PDF 69.1KB)
PDF Document   Recruitment: Behavioural Interviewing (PDF 76.2KB) - Updated
PDF Document   Recruitment: Psychometric Assessments (PDF 73.1KB)
PDF Document   Recruitment: Personality Questionnaires (PDF 68.4KB)
PDF Document   Recruitment: Development Centres (PDF 73.1KB)
PDF Document   Recruitment: Capability-Based Assessments (PDF 91.1KB)
PDF Document   Fire & Rescue NSW, Rural Fire Service & State Emergency Service (PDF 69.5KB)

Please return here for updates on these fact sheets and other upcoming fact sheets related to the GSE Act.

To provide feedback on a fact sheet, or suggest a fact sheet topic, please email

Education & Communities Fact Sheets

The Department of Education & Communities has developed a range of fact sheets for staff in the Education & Communities cluster, including for:

PDF Document   TAFE NSW
PDF Document   School Administrative and Support Staff
PDF Document   School Principals and Teachers

For more information on the implementation of the GSE Act in the Education & Communities cluster, visit the DEC website.

Financial & Annual Reporting Information

The Treasury has developed a fact sheet for agencies on the financial and related implications of agency restructures arising from the commencement of the GSE Act.

PDF Document   Financial and Related Implications

For more information on financial and related implications, visit the Treasury website.