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Recruitment and Selection Guide


The Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act) has replaced the Public Service Employment and Management Act 2002.
The GSE Act modernises the framework for government sector employment and management in NSW. It reflects the NSW Government’s commitment to improve the government sector by providing employment arrangements that facilitate high performance, excellent customer service delivery and rewarding careers.
The provisions in the GSE Act strengthen the application of the principle of merit for government sector recruitment and selection processes.
The GSE Act specifically provides for an ethical framework founded on a merit-based, apolitical and professional government sector, and for the inclusion of recruitment and promotion of employees on merit as a government sector core value. In addition, one of the Public Service Commissioner’s principle objectives is to ensure that “government sector recruitment and selection processes comply with the merit principle and adhere to professional standards”.
The GSE Act provides for the Public Service Commissioner to make Government Sector Employment Rules (GSE Rules) on the recruitment of employees, including the application of the principle of employment on merit. These GSE Rules are instruments made under the GSE Act. It is mandatory for employers and employees in the government sector to comply with the GSE Rules.