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Applying for a role in the NSW Public Service

Profile (personal details)

You can create your general profile on jobs.nsw at any time. This includes personal and contact information, creating a username and recording a password. Your email address is your unique identifier in jobs.nsw, so you can only create one account per email address.

This general profile can also be created as part of your first NSW Public Service job application. Once this basic information is captured it will populate any future applications automatically, removing the need to retype the same information.

If your contact details change or you would like to include some additional information, you can amend your profile at any time and submit different information for each application if required.

Data is also gathered on subjects such as diversity to assist with workforce planning. Other information, including how you learned of the job vacancy, is also gathered to provide insight into the most effective ways of advertising. Some of this information is provided on a voluntary basis and some is mandatory.