Trust, Service

& Accountability

Applying for a role in the NSW Public Service

Cover letter and a short statement addressing the targeted questions

Your cover letter should be short and specific; highlighting the main points of your claim for the role.

Your cover letter should be no more than one page in length and include:

  • Details of the role you are applying for.
  • A brief introduction about yourself.
  • A summary of your relevant skills, qualifications and experience.

Your application may also include a short statement (1-2 pages) based on your actual experience in response to the targeted questions. These questions will usually start with phrases such as:

  • “Give an example of a situation where....”
  • “Describe a scenario....”

Your responses could follow the STAR format (by detailing the Situation, Task, Action and Result).

*Targeted Questions

The advertisement will ask you to include a short statement in response to no more than two targeted questions. These are capability-based questions directly relevant to the role’s duties and are designed to provide evidence of experience in a similar area. This is done by asking you to describe specific situations and to give actual examples of when you have used specific skills.

The jobs.nsw “cover letter” field can only accept simple formatting, so if you are creating your cover letter in a Microsoft Word document, stick to the basics.