Trust, Service

& Accountability

Applying for a role in the NSW Public Service


You may be asked to attach some form of documentation with your application, for example, a consent form to do background checks, and this can be added in the “attachment field”.

Please do not use this function to attach lengthier versions of your application letter. The one page cover letter described in Section 6.4 is all that is needed.


It is important to note that your attachment library in jobs.nsw contains the attachments for all your applications; however, only those marked as ‘relevant’ will be submitted for viewing with your application.

If you delete a document you will be removing the ability for the assessment panel to view that document and therefore it will not be considered as part of your assessment.

Do not delete any document until you have information on the outcome of the recruitment action. If you have any concerns, please contact for advice before you delete any documents.