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& Accountability

Applying for a role in the NSW Public Service


To apply, candidates must submit:

  • A one page covering letter.
  • Where appropriate, a short statement (1-2 pages) in response to one or two targeted questions (to provide evidence of experience against required role capabilities).
  • A resume / curriculum vitae (CV).

Understanding the role, what is required and whether you have the right skills and experience are important in deciding whether to apply.

Your application will have a greater chance of success if you follow these principles:

  • Read the advertisement carefully - All advertisements include a brief description of the role, information on how to apply and a closing date for applications. Keep a copy of the reference number for future enquiries.
  • Read the information package - The advertisement gives you basic information, but it is important to read the information package from the link provided in the advertisement. Documents in the package may include a role description, organisational chart or other material to help you understand the role and the organisation.
  • Speak to the contact person - After you read the information package, you will know more about the role and may have some questions. You can phone or email the contact person named in the advertisement to help find the answers. Talking to the contact person may also give you a better understanding of the role, whether it is right for you and what to emphasise in your application.
  • Other information - Get as much extra information as you can to help you present a covering letter and resume with relevant information. You could look at the department or agency’s website, annual report or other publications.
  • Online application process – The online application process is presented as a series of ‘pages’ that require information to be completed prior to submitting your application. Each page has a number of fields. All compulsory fields are identified with a red asterisk (*) and must be completed prior to the page being saved.
  • Submit your application prior to the closing date – Keep your application short, succinct, and do not repeat information. Provide information for what is requested only. Give yourself enough time to complete and review your application in advance of the closing date.
  • Privacy Statement - The privacy statement in jobs.nsw describes how privacy principles are applied, how and why data is collected and how it is stored. It also outlines circumstances when your information can be disclosed.