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Mobility is the movement of a government sector employee through reassignment, transfer or secondment. It includes secondments and temporary assignments to a higher grade or band than the employee’s ongoing employment

This page provides information on movements of non-executive and senior executive employees:

  • within Public Service Agencies (through assignment to a different role)
  • between NSW government sector agencies (generally through transfer and secondment, however instead through assignment to a different role for Public Service senior executive movements within the Public Service)
  • between the NSW government sector and other sectors (through temporary assignment under s66 of the GSE Act)

See Recruitment & selection for information on recruitment on an ongoing, temporary, casual or term basis and conversion of temporary employees to ongoing employment.

Changes to transfers and secondments

Coming into effect on 31 August 2018, changes to the Government Sector Employment (General) Rules 2014 provide for a consistent approach to mobility advertising and assessment across the sector. Public Service agency heads can now determine the appropriate advertising and assessment requirements when filling a role through transfers and secondments, in the same way as other NSW government sector agency heads.

The changes also mean that the Audit Office of NSW and the Departments of the Parliament of NSW are now subject to Part 6 of the Rules for employee-initiated transfers and secondments. This fact sheet provides more details on the changes: Fact sheet: Mobility – Transfers and secondments (PDF 66KB).

Assignment to role guidelines

Transfer and Secondment Guidelines