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Governance relates to the systems and processes that govern the public sector, including the management of Boards and Committees, Legislation and Delegations

Boards and Committees

New arrangements for determining the remuneration for NSW Government Boards and Committees were announced in Premier’s Memorandum 2012-18. Decisions about the remuneration of individual boards and committees are now guided by the Classification and Remuneration Framework for NSW Government Boards and Committees (the Framework). All boards and committees, where appointments require Cabinet approval, are covered by the Framework, except for Crown Lands Trusts.


Statutory and Other Offices Remuneration Tribunal

SOORT makes remuneration determinations for senior executives, judges, magistrates, court and related officers and public office holders.


Annual reports

The annual report is the key medium by which NSW Public Sector entities discharge their accountability to the Parliament, the Government and the public. It provides an overview of an entity’s activities and financial position relating to the preceding year. NSW Treasury administers the financial and annual reporting legislation.

Annual reports are required to contain a range of employee related information.  NSW Treasury administers the financial and annual reporting legislation which set  these requirements. See the Annual Reporting quick reference guide for public entities for links to specific information and legislation.

The PSC has issued specific guidance which applies to Departments and statutory bodies on implementing changes to the Annual Reports (Departments) Regulation 2010 and the Annual Reports (Statutory Bodies) Regulation 2010 in relation to reporting on senior executives and workforce diversity.  That information is available in Public Service Commission (PSC) Circular 2014-09 Changes to annual reporting for senior executives and workforce diversity.

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Boards & Committees