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Executive Development Strategies

It is important that leaders receive appropriate leadership (not just management) training so they are able to build organisations of people who have the authority and capacity to make good decisions which advance the purposes of the organisation in accordance with its values and principles.

The Public Service Commission has a range of strategies in place to support the development of government sector leaders. These include:

  • PSC Executive Development Program
    This program targets senior executives.  The specific aims of the executive development program are to strengthen strategic leadership capability, develop the knowledge and skills needed to deliver major reform, and foster talent within the pool of potential future chief executives.
  • Executive Connections
    This program targets senior level NSW government sector executives.  The first Executive Connections event was held in July 2012 and was attended by over 140 senior executive staff from across the government sector.  Executive Connections continues to provide opportunities for our senior executives to build on their current levels of knowledge and capability.