Trust, Service

& Accountability

Behaving Ethically

3.9 Measurement and Monitoring


Practical measures are required by Department Secretaries, heads of agencies and other employees if they are to determine if the conduct and management of their organisations are in accordance with the Ethical Framework for the government sector.


  • Provides management with intelligence that can be used to lead culture change, agency benchmarking, recruitment and other HR strategies, and to report to the public
  • Provides all employees with feedback which can be used to celebrate positive performance and/or to identify areas where improvement is needed
  • Sends a powerful message to all employees, customers and the public that ethical practices and behaviour are being treated seriously.

There are many instruments which agencies can use to assess the current ethical performance of their organisation and employees.

Quantitative measures typically involve surveying individual employee perceptions and opinions about their working environment. Qualitative methods (such as participant observation and group interviews) identify the subjective experiences and interpretations of employees to discover the underlying assumptions and actual practices of ethical culture. [1]

This guide identifies some specific issues to be addressed in any agency measurement system that applies to the measurement of ethics culture, leadership, policies, systems, work practices, and employee behaviour.