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Behaving Ethically

Commissioner’s directions

This section provides information about the Public Service Commissioner’s directions which relate to implementation of the Ethical Framework in NSW government sector agencies.

Contained in this section is Direction No 1 of 2014, which requires all government sector agency heads to implement minimum standards for managing gifts and benefits in their agencies, and to require employees to comply with those standards.

Also contained in this section is Direction No 1 of 2015 which requires heads of government sector agencies to implement the Code of Ethics and Conduct for NSW government sector employees and to require employees to comply with the Code.

A direction is a formal legal instrument issued by the Public Service Commissioner under section 13 of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act).

The Public Service Commissioner gives directions for the purposes of exercising his or her functions or ensuring compliance with the GSE Act, Regulation or Rules. The Commissioner’s functions include promoting and maintaining the government sector core values, and leading the strategic development and management of the government sector workforce in relation to general conduct and compliance with ethical practices.

In accordance with the GSE Act, directions are set out in writing and are given to a Department Secretary or head of a government sector agency on a specific matter in relation to the employees of that employees of that Department or agency.

All directions are made publicly available on the Public Service Commission website as soon as practicable after they are given.