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Health and wellbeing

The NSW Government has committed to provide safe and healthy workplaces for all workers in the sector. Our workplaces can be instrumental in keeping us healthy and well, and engaged and productive. Agencies and employees can encourage safe working conditions.

Health and wellbeing at work includes health assessment and fitness for duty, as well as broader health and wellbeing guidance to encourage safe working conditions for employees.

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Suppliers of fitness for duty and other medical assessment services

Some employees may require a health assessment to ensure they are fit to perform the duties of a role. NSW Government agencies must use providers from the Employment Related Medical Services prequalification scheme when undertaking employment related medical assessment services and other employment related medical services.

See: PSCC-2016-06-Medical services for NSW Government agencies (PDF 284.8KB)

Managing non-work related injuries or health conditions

Procedures have been developed to assist public sector agencies in managing situations where an employee is suffering from a non- work related injury or health condition only which is impacting on their ability to perform the inherent requirement/s and demands of their position. 

See: PSC Directive 2010-019, Procedures for Managing Non-Work Related Injuries or Health Conditions (PDF 349.7KB)

Health and wellbeing

Effective management of human resources issues can reduce, and even prevent, psychological injuries occurring. 

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