The role of HR managers in flexible working is one of education, guidance, development, and system design. HR managers ensure that human resource systems maximise flexible working and that human-resource policies and practices support flexible working through being accessible, fit for purpose and easy to understand and use. HR managers monitor and evaluate the uptake of and attitudes toward flexible working, and use data to attract, retain, develop, and motivate employees.

If you’re new to supporting flexible working, or are leading its implementation, we’ve created a tool that helps you understand what you need to know, say and do.

Skillset Self-Assessment Tool

A self-assessment, so you can first see where you’re at and what you may need to get better at

Skillset Development Guide

A development guide that links to accessible resources useful to build your skills base; whether it’s in managing for team or personal outcomes, inclusion, or demonstrating trust.

We’ve also developed these for employees, leaders and managers. These can be helpful if you’re planning to run practical sessions in your workplace to assist employees to work more flexibly. The skillsets can also be useful for senior executives, team leaders and employees to understand what is required of them to work flexibly, or support others to work flexibly, and build capability in this area. They can also be used for individual training and development programs, or as part of a whole-agency strategy for implementing flexible working initiatives.