What is a dispersed team?

A dispersed team has the majority of its members working in separate locations 2.5 days/week or more. This means they have less opportunities to talk or collaborate face-to-face, and you will need to adopt a different way of managing the team.

Managing a Dispersed Team guide

Tips for troubleshooting

Someone isn’t meeting their performance targets

  • Identify any obstacles
  • Negotiate their workload
  • Setup regular check ins

See page 11 of the guide for more.

ICT fails

  • Dial in early to meetings to troubleshoot
  • Train your team and have a Plan B
  • Advocate for better systems

See page 8 of the guide for more.

Someone is working too much and is stressed

  • Walk the talk (‘leaving loud’)
  • Talk about health and stress
  • Check in at your catchup meeting

See page 14 of the guide for more.

One team member seems particularly withdrawn

  • Check-in at your catchup meetings
  • Ensure they have a buddy, perhaps from a nearby agency
  • Schedule time to visit them in person

See page 13 of the guide for more.

There is tension between team members

  • Explore the issues with them individually
  • Co-develop solutions
  • Agree on a way of working and be clear in your expectations

See page 6-7 of the guide for more.